I know certain folks debt slaves read what I write here, even though they don't have the balls to talk to me like real men and women. So I'm just going to put this right here up on top in case anyone wants to gouge out their eye, cut off their hand and cut off their foot before the slaughterings, whippings, picklings and shitmouthings begin and Holy Hell comes upon you and your cunt of a mother (PRECISELY AS SCHEDULED).

They admitted in 1987 that what they've been holding on to isn't theirs, and that the time had come for them to return everything to the Creator with interest. This, from their own shitmouths:

Aborigine means "Original occupants" - vis a vis the Creator. Not a bunch of spear-chucking desert dwellers. Midnight oil is a direct reference to the parable of the dumbshit virgins.

And, to be precise, I know for a fact that they knew much earlier than 1987. In 1969 John the drunken f'ckin moron and 'Love One' Marie the greedy f'ckin cunt said they weren't satisfied with owning a huge beautiful house on land they rented, and they wanted to 'own' the land. Then they made a really stupid move.

How do I know?
I was there.

Then a voice was heard from Heaven saying "I'm going to destroy those God-damned mother-fucking wicked tenants and burn their city."

Then (at 8:22 PM where the commander of the Lord's army was camped) an earthquake struck the Northern Territory in Australia in the vicinity mentioned in the song above - but much more specifically, close to "Tennant Creek".

Then a truck and a 5th wheel trailer burst into flames on Ursis st in Frenchtown, Montana and suddenly I remembered to add that some other group of dipshits (I think the latin genus is "Smurfus-debtslavius-fuckin-moronicus-satanicus" or something like that) said this very same thing circa 2008-2009 also out of their own shitmouths:

How do I know?
I was there.

The salt lost its saltiness and you cannot keep what belongs to the Creator and live to tell about it

A story about F'ckin morons

While the commander of the LORD's army stood with his sword, proclaiming the ground to be Holy, a man and a woman arrived. They introduced themselves as 'Cookie' and 'Billy'. They asked the commander of the LORD's army "Are you here for us, or for us?".

The commander of the LORD's army said "Remove your shoes, this is Holy ground".

Billy showed the commander of the LORD's army his ham and swiss sandwich and said "I'm holy too because I am what I eat and this cheese is holey. So, therefore, I ham what I ham".

The commander of the LORD's army, not having an understanding of stupidity, asked "You're what???"

Billy said again, "I ham what I ham. Plus, the sandwich has miracle whip so I ham what I ham and I can do miracles."

The commander of the LORD's army shook his head and said "You can't really be this stupid..."

Then Cookie said she had a holy grail and showed the commander of the LORD's army a used starbucks cup full of shit. Then she commenced smearing the shit on her face and said "This is what I think of your Holy God and you can't call me stupid because I'm a computer scientist".

Then, a voice from heaven was heard saying "I'm interrupting this regularly scheduled proclamation to bring Billy and Cookie a special lesson in humility." Then, the secret underground weapons lab was completely destroyed.

Not long after that, Cookie and Billy came back to where the commander of the LORD's army stood. Billy had another ham sandwich with double swiss cheese and a young child that he was molesting regularly. He reasserted his claim to holiness saying again, "I ham what I ham and now I have double swiss cheese so therefore I ham holier than thou."

Cookie, again showed her starbucks cup full of shit and again began smearing it on her face saying "I still think your Holy God is a piece of shit."

Whaddya think is gonna happen next?

Twitter went down. I think y'all been told to STFU.

This is kind of a huge deal....

It's a huge deal that HE told you all to STFU.

And, it's a huge deal that He TOLD you all to STFU.

Now, whaddya think is gonna happen if you don't that you didn't?

It was NOT a polite request.

So, to continue with the story of the F'ckin morons.....

Then a Voice from Heaven was heard saying "Shut the fuck up you F'ckin Morons".

Then, yet again, Cookie and Billy came to where the commander of the LORD's army stood. Billy said "I won't STFU, because I have freewill and I am free to be better than you and "I ham what I ham".

Cookie, not willing to give up, insisted that no one would ever tell her what to do and said she would commit any crime, tell any lie and murder anyone to assert her right to claim holiness as a heathen so she could shit on God. She said she would "Live free or DIE", then she smeared her face with shit again and said "No one can tell me I'm wrong because I can bench press 140 pounds".

The Commander of the Lords army grew angry. He said "Stay where you are, I have something coming for you. Anyone else with any sense - GET DOWN NOW".

Whaddya think will happen next???

Now, a fact none of you seem to have thought about.... Since you all refused to return the talents and the minas, with interest - you are God's debt slaves. And, because you don't forgive debts, your debts are not forgiven. Not only that, you effectively refused the freewill gift He gave you when you said you wanted the freewill without the consequences attached.


Live free or die is the motto of the debt slaves....Challenge accepted....

Because it is a functional impossibiity for a slave to live free, what do you think will happen?

Answer is obvious: Those that try to save their lives, lose their lives because they die like icarus when they try.

Then, a voice from heaven was heard saying "Make them an offer they can't refuse".

So, the commander of the LORD's army said "I'll tell you what...Drop the sandwich, forget all that 'I ham what I ham' shit and leave my presence now. Don't take anything with you - just leave. Then you won't be destroyed."

Billy, not understanding the significance of the offer, said "No way man, I told you I ham what I ham, and I love my sandwich."

The Commander of the LORD's army shook his head again, saying "I didn't think it was possible, but you really are this stupid..."

Cookie, her face still smeared with shit, said "Sure, I'll bow down.", she turned around, bent over and showed her huge fat ass and said "Me and Billy are in love! and you can't call me stupid because m-o-o-n spells stupid."

Billy, with mayonaisse dribbling down his face, began shaking uncontrollably and muttering incoherently.

Cookie said "Debt slaves, huh? You can't call me a debt slave, I have Monopoly money." She opened her purse and pulled out a handful of Monopoly Money and said "Take this. I want to buy my freedom so I can continue shitting on God."

The Commander of the LORD's army said "You f'ckin morons. You cannot payback God Money with Monopoly money. Have you never heard? Give to Parker Brothers what belongs to Parker Brothers, but give to God, what belongs to God? Besides, It's already been decided and it was your choice. You F'ckin morons actually used your freewill to lose your freewill. Now it is done and it's too late to turn back now. And why are you debt slaves still talking to me after you were told to STFU and get out of my presence? Don't you know what happens to slaves that refuse to do what they're told?"

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Thomas Thistlewood is considered to be the most brutal slave owner ever. He started as an overseer at a plantation called 'Egypt' owned by two guys William and John, Thistlewood was in charge of their slaves. Later, he saved enough money to purchase his own plantation and slaves that he branded with 'TT'. He beat and raped his female slaves (both the women and the younger girls) regularly and was particularly brutal when they attempted to escape.

His favorite form of punishment for those who would attempt to escape, deprive him of the use of his tools, or eat from his fields was to brutally whip them then rub salt, lime juice, and pepper (hotter than jalapeno) into their wounds and then have someone shit in their mouth and gag them so they could not spit it out.

From Wikipedia:

Thistlewood routinely punished his slaves with fierce floggings and other cruel and gruesome punishments. In 1756, Hazat was recaptured after running away, and Thistlewood "put him in the bilboes both feet; gagged him; locked his hands together; rubbed him with molasses & exposed him naked to the flies all day, and to the mosquitoes all night, without fire." Often, Thistlewood would have a slave would be beaten, and then salt pickle, lime juice, and bird pepper would be rubbed onto the open wounds. Thistlewood wrote that when two slaves named Punch and Quacoo were caught for running away, they were well flogged, "and then washed and rubbed in salt pickle, lime juice & bird pepper." A slave named Hector was whipped for losing his hoe, and Thistlewood "made New Negro Joe piss in his eyes & mouth."

Then, another slave would be forced to defecate into the runaway's mouth which would then be forced shut via various methods (gagging) for hours. Thistlewood called this favoured form of punishment for runaway slaves and the eating of cane that belonged to the planter "Derby's dose". Thistlewood wrote, "Wednesday, 28th Jan 1756: Had Derby well whipped, and made Egypt shit in his mouth." Then in May of that year, Thistlewood wrote about Derby, "Had him well flogged and pickled, then made Hector shit in his mouth." Derby's crime was stealing and eating sugar cane. Later that year, another slave named Port Royal tried to run away, but was recaptured. Thistlewood wrote, "Gave him a moderate whipping, pickled him well, made Hector shit in his mouth, immediately put a gag whilst his mouth was full & made him wear it 4 or 5 hours." Another slave named Phillis was similarly punished twice in a month. In October of that year, three more slaves were punished that way - Hector, Joe and Mr. Watt's Pomona.

His systematic rape of enslaved girls and women was another aspect of his brutality. Enslaved women who ran away were whipped and put in collars, yokes or placed in field gangs, and raped by Thistlewood, who documented his activities in his journal. Some of the whippings were extremely severe.


Whaddya think will happen next???

Billy, still not knowing when to leave and stop talking, produced a bottle of Sam's Club water from his backpack and said "No, you listen to ME. Not only do I have this ham and swiss sandwich, I have this holy water. I told you, I ham what I ham.. And, you can't kill me, because water is life and I drink water."

Cookie then showed the commander of the Lord's army an Easter Lily and a bottle of Gatorade. She went on to say "And, you can't tell me I'm not like God because cleanliness is next to Godliness so I can be like God because I shower every day and April showers bring May flowers. So, I used my magic chalice and added electric lights to the water so everyone can see how much better I am than you. And you can't call me a whore because all the boys like my golden showers. That's how I made all this monopoly money."

The commander of the Lord's army said "Yet, you just proved you're a whore - and stupid debt slaves. Anyone with any sense pay attention: The water is poisoned. Cookie has pissed in the Gene Pool so get out of the pool, don't drink the water and stay out of the showers."

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

In NAZI Germany, six million of God's people were slaughtered mercilessly and without any foreknowledge of what was going to happpen to them.

As they exited the trains and arrived at their new 'home' that was actually a slave labor camp/death camp. But, when they arrived music was played over loudspeakers or by other prisoners to calm the new prisoners.

Then, they were told that they were being sent to the camp, but that they first had to undergo disinfection and bathe. The victims, tired and stressed from the long journey, were surprised by the hospitality. So, they happily undressed and eagerly awaited their showers. Only it wasn't a shower, it was a gas chamber. They were locked in, and killed with Zyklon B gas.

After they were killed, prisoners dragged the corpses out of the gas chambers. They cut off the women's hair and removed all metal dental work and jewelry. Then they burned the corpses in pits, on pyres, or in the crematorium furnaces.

Bones that did not burn completely were ground to powder with pestles and then dumped, along with the ashes, in the rivers Sola and Vistula and in nearby ponds, or strewn in the fields as fertilizer, or used as landfill on uneven ground and in marshes.

(Did anyone actually believe that God would not bring vengeance for what they did to his people? You'd have to be some sort of a F'ckn moron to not believe that.)

Settling ALL family business.

'Zyklon' means 'Cyclone', it was made from Cyanide which is a heavy metal' - (referenced in Song 2 (Psalm 2) below) or perhaps it could also be called a 'death metal' as in the 'Winds of Plague' song. Cyanide from 'cyan' (blue) smells like bitter almonds but only some can smell it. Other heavy metal toxins such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and thallium, and some industrial and environmental chemicals as well as chemotherapy and infectious diseases come with tingling sensations known as 'Pins and Needles' also mentioned in Song 2 (Psalm 2) below.

Mason Williams Wanted Some 'Classical Gas'

Ask and you shall receive: F'ckin Morons

"New number" from 1977
You were warned.

So, to continue with the story of the F'ckin morons....

The commander of the Lord's army shook his head and said "You F'ckin morons - There's an eternity of suffering in hell for not knowing when to STFU."

Billy, wielding his bottle of sams club water and his ham and swiss sandwich, shouted louder "I won't STFU! I told you I ham what I ham and you cannot tell me what to do."

Cookie, scratching the festering wound between her legs, said louder "I'ma gonna judge YOU and I don't like what you're saying, so you STFU and remove yourself from my presence and tresspassers gotta be prosecuted!"

The commander of the Lords army laughed out loud at the debt slaves and said "Thank you! I don't need to fight to prove I'm right and I don't need to stand here to be holy, I'll go be holy somewhere else. I won't talk to you anymore." Then, he stepped away from Cookie and Billy - laughing as he went.

(He was laughing because this is how they bring the execution of their punishment upon themselves.)

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

The commander of the Lord's army looked toward heaven and said "The debt slaves said they want to commence judgment, remove the tresspassers, force them to STFU and convict them of their sins. I told them I was happy to oblige."

Then a voice was heard from heaven saying: "Then it is as it is written: With violence she'll be thrown down."

(Thus begins the removals, whippings, picklings, shitmouthings and collapsing walls.)

Cookie and Billy, stunned by their own stupidity, watched the commander of the Lords army walk away from them laughing.

Billy said to Cookie, "Oh shit, now we're in trouble for our lies, our murders and our schemes. What should we do?"

Cookie said "It's gonna take a lot of lying, murdering and scheming to get out of this shit. I have a plan!"

Cookie took off her freakishly huge fish-net stockings and fashioned a rudimentary net. Then, she and Billy snuck up behind the commander of the Lord's army where he stood with his sword and put the fish-net stalking net over him and said "GOTCHA!!!!"

The commander of the Lord's army was provoked to anger because Cookie and Billy had told him to leave their presence and he had complied. He had moved far away from their presence and had not returned. So, he looked toward heaven and said "Would you please teach these f'ckin moron debt slaves a lesson?"

The commander of the Lord's army shook his head and looked toward heaven. He said "No, wait. I'm sorry, I misspoke. It is written that you rebuke and discipline those you love so if you love them, please teach them a painful lesson and if you don't, then show your disdain with silence."

And a great sign quietly appeared in Heaven - In the Bootes constellation.

(It might be better for me to say a great sign appeared on youtube, because I cannot see the sky from here.)

Now, for those that are not part of the spam-fest and stayed down, here are some relevant songs that you'll understand. The three weeks before the 9th of Av is called 'Dire Straits' and this song is a direct reference to that.

The last 9 days of the three weeks before Tisha B'av is especially dreadful. People are advised to not take showers for pleasure, not do laundry or purchase new clothing or make new clothing, not plant trees or grass or flowers, not take showers for pleasure, refrain from meat and wine, refrain from sex, not to do house repairs or construction, not swim etc. (Obviously things with much symbolic meaning).
Jesus usesd a Cat of Nine Tails and turned the tables of the money changers to remove them from the temple. He had a lot of rage.
Here's a song about that.

The final sabbath before Tisha B'av is called the 'Black Sabbath'. The Black Sabbath this year begins at sunset on August 9th and Tisha B'av begins at sunset on August 10th. Here's a song that is a direct reference to that:

(That song came out in 1970 because of the choice they made in 1969.)

(To continue with the story of the f'ckin morons.)

Then a voice was heard from heaven saying "No more warnings. They're all no different than Zedekiah."

The commander of the Lord's army said "This is going to hurt you all much more than I thought."

Who's Zedekiah? Zed's dead baby...Zed's dead. Zed's babies and Zed are as dead as those dancing stars. Even ole Willis said so himself.

Zedekiah was the 22nd and last king of Judah. He was an unrighteous and disloyal Babylonian king that ruled in Jerusalem for 11 years. He tried to please everyone. Sometimes he would honor the pagans, other times he would enforce the laws of God and still other times he would do as he pleased - trying to please everyone instead of pleasing God.

Zedekiah had been condemned to captivity in Babylon for his disloyalty to God. It was during his reign that the temple was destroyed. On the 10th of Tammuz in the final year of his reign, the walls of Jerusalem were breached and the seige of Jerusalem became the destruction of Jerusalem. (The 10th of Tammuz this year was July 13, 2019.)

After Zedekiah had been condemned, but before he was put in chains, he was to let the prisoners in Israel go free as per Jewish law. He granted their release and, shortly thereafter, he reneged and had them re-imprisoned - then he tried to escape.

This infuriated God, whose rage was already burning against Zedekiah. So Zedekiah got a new sentence: Before being put into captivity as a slave, he was forced to watch his children being slaughtered. After he had seen all his children die, his eyes were gouged out, he was put in chains and he was sent to captivity.

Now, for anyone who thinks that is a harsh thing for God to do, I say this:
1. Never judge God.
2. Never judge God's judgment
3. Never fuck with children

There is a commandment of God against sacrificing your children to the fire for Moloch (aka Baal). Moloch is a false Sumerian god, sometimes represented by an owl. There are those that would happily abuse and murder their own children or someone else's children just so they can 'see'.

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Here's a song and video about the 23rd King of Judah taking His place.

The next King of Judah is the Messiah. He judges and makes war with righteousness and sets up a kingdom that will never fall. Only the God of Heaven knows when that happens, but everyone will know when they see him in the sky.

(Meanwhile, there are lots of fakers exactly as He said there would be. And, thusly, I continue with the story of the f'ckin morons.)

Then a funny sign appeared on a great seal on a wall behind a troll.

The commander of the Lord's army laughed out loud at that because it was funny as shit. But then he said "If you troll a troll, then you are a troll that is no better than the troll the troll trolled and why should the troll who trolled the troll not earn the same reward as the troll the troll trolled?

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for all of thee trolls who sold thy souls so thou can ride the lightning down the hall holding thine balls within the walls so thou can project thine pictures on the wall for all; the same as how the bell tolls for all thee trolls that sold thy souls so thou can build a new wall so thou can hold thine balls in concert halls within new walls and project thine favorite pictures for all."

Then, the commander of the Lord's army turned to Cookie and Billy and said "I don't care about any of you and it's not my job to prevent all of you from destroying yourselves. So, there's nothing left for me to do here except give each of you what you want."

Then he handed Cookie and Billy 1 tub of popcorn, 5 boxes of Skittles and 3 bottles of Brawndo.

Billy and Cookie devoured the Skittles and popcorn then washed it all down with the Brawndo as though they hadn't eaten in a week. They looked at each other, grinned happily and began dancing while singing this song of the Pharisees:

Billy was relieved. He silently congratulated himself on his constant winning and his excellent taste in women, saying "Finally, peace and safety."

Cookie, with a few skittles stuck to the dried shit on her face, said "I'm still hungry and you have to give enough for everyone. So, give us s'more...NOW. And you can't call me fat just cuz I want s'more."

So, the commander of the Lord's army said "As per your request". And, with his eyes closed, sang this song:

Then Cookie, Billy and the multitudes were fed with vast quantities of Brawndo, Skittles and popcorn. So much that after they had all gorged themselves with gluttonous fury what was left over could not be counted.

Then, Cookie and Billy and the multitudes celebrated and began singing this song in unison:

When does a "Last Supper" become a "Last Meal"?

Answer: When it's popcorn, skittles, and brawndo.

And, what kind of a f'ckin moron would gulp down brawndo from a guy with a sword who told them they had to watch their children get slaughtered?

Anyway, whaddya think is gonna happen next? Pretty f'ckin obvious...

(Choose your poison - whatever metaphor you prefer)


Here's that Gas you all requested:

The commander of the Lord's army stepped into a dark corner, tapped his sword, and said "F'ckin morons - like a bunch of junkies on skid row. They always seem to forget, that He who brings to life can also put to death, God's house is not the people's temple, if you use your freewill to violate someone's freewill then you lose your freewill, and if you treat a man like a rat then you better beware of the fleas that spread the disease."

Then, the commander of the Lord's army looked toward heaven and said "They're all debt slaves, but they're free to die and go to hell."

Then a voice was heard from heaven saying: "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay"

(Because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit NEVER disagree and I don't have to fight to prove I'm right.)

A voice was heard from heaven saying "Her plagues will come upon her in a single day."

Then, the Westphalia Church of the Visitation in Lott, Texas burned to the ground so I corrected this to say:

A voice was heard from heaven saying "Her plagues will come upon her in a single day: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her."

Thus, it is as Jesus said: "Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that city."

Then, Cookie and Billy and the multitudes all began singing this song:

Believe it or not makes no difference to me ..... But, this is basically something that actually happened.

How do y'all like that lead poisoned Paris? (City of Lights..blech). The temple of isis burned, the lead roof melted, and poisoned the water and ground in Paris. Lead poisoning causes stupidity - FACT. (Thus, one can logically deduce that lead roofs are stupid.)

Kick in the nuts (Idiom): A harsh punishment (or remedy) for acting foolishly or malevolently.

Ow! My balls! And Other Moronic Shows

F'ckin Morons Attempting Judgment

The Proverbial "Fuck You"

Because I have called and you refused,
I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded,

Because you disdained all my counsel,
And would have none of my rebuke,

I also will laugh at your calamity;
I will mock when your terror comes,

When your terror comes like a storm,
And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,
When distress and anguish come upon you.

"Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.

Because they hated knowledge
And did not choose the fear of the Lord,

They would have none of my counsel
And despised my every rebuke.

Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way,
And be filled to the full with their own schemes.

For the turning away of the simple will slay them,
And the complacency of fools will destroy them;

Psalm 2, dipshits

I like the part where he hits the distortion pedal from inside the box and the wind starts blowing like a cyclone.

March 19, 2019. USA Today headline:


Now you're all being denied from the Father in Heaven.

But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven.

Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken: "Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times." And he went outside and wept bitterly.

Don't worry about me. I'm down.

But, hey you guys over there:

There's this guy who's sending all y'all to hell.

I won't tell you what to do so try to have fun at the high-school game, dance and talent show and make sure you take your selfies.

Say hi to all the kids and help yourselves to the cake and pie and there's some left-over burgers and hot dogs!

You can get your coffee and tea at Starbucks in the morning without saying grace.

If you need any cash, there's $3.50 in the mason jar.

I can't join you but try to have a good one, ok?

Make sure you say hi to your mom for me!

Be careful and maybe you'll have a nice day and everything will be all right but honestly, it isn't going to be all right, so when you get scared hug your teddy bear.

Try to save your strength and don't forget to recycle your grocery bags!

Turn off all the lights when you're done.

I won't be able to make the appointment and I can't see you later so If anything goes wrong just wait for the FEMA trailers.

If you have any questions or need anything, talk to Linguo and, no matter what happens, don't give up!

Do you copy that?

Here you go boys and girls.

F'ckin morons think they're smart,
and the dispensable think they're necessary.
They gaze upon the Sacred;
and position themselves above or equal to the Holy.

It is a lack of proper humility.

The heathens call that 'Having a huge ego';
And they say disrespect deserves "a kick in the nuts".

Christ said "with whatever judgment you judge,
you will be judged;
and with whatever measure you measure,
it will be measured to you".

"Vengeance is Mine" says the Lord, "I will repay".

The Lord has leverage;
His legs reach from His throne in Heaven to His footstool, the earth.
And, He has precision aiming.

Girls, to your dismay;
you play the same wicked games as the boys.
Like unclean heathens, cursed since the beginning;
you desire superiority to the Sacred
and equality with the Holy.

Only a f'ckin moron would not know that committing the
original sin a second time brings your second death.

So the equality you desire becomes your undoing
and you suffer for your crimes, same as the boys.

Like moths to a flame, your lack of proper humility,
your sorceries, your lies and your unholy acts;
have earned you "a fiery kick in the cunts".

"Vengeance is Mine" says the Lord, "I will repay".

It is written "Behold, they shall be as stubble;
the fire shall burn them;
they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame:
there shall not be a coal to warm at,
nor fire to sit before it."

Your harsh punishment: Gone with the wind - to the hell above.

..but but..Jesus Saves!!!...Yeah - He saved you a place in hell.

Time to meet your new bff boys and girls:

I know they don't teach this on television, but it's actually the God of Heaven that sends people to hell. It's the devil who's afraid to go.

He too will drink the wine of God's anger, poured undiluted into the cup of His wrath. And he will be tormented in fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb.

What kind of a f'ckin moron thinks they can learn about how things really work by watching television anyway?

(That being said, I use movie clips and music videos to make certain points.)

Don't give up!!!!!! F'ckin morons - hahahahaha....